Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Days of my life ............

Cannot believe I have not updated my ramblings for several weeks but I have been busy stitching and trying to keep away from Pinterest.

My most recently completed bear is Belinda.   I could not find any suitable pink lace to trim the bottom of her dress so made a crochet border using a single strand of embroidery thread.   Her e-bay adoption fell through,  I find people who push the price up on an item then don't pay most annoying (in mild terms).  Fortunately I think it is only the second time it has happened in many bear sales but e-bay is not good to sellers.  I am now faced with the bother of paying fees on an item which has not been paid for,  then waiting to claim a refund.   So poor little Belinda will be looking for another home.

The past few weeks have as usual, been somewhat eventful.   After a routine six monthly check up and the dentist checking my gums with what felt like a tiny needle,  I have developed a gum infection.   The first time in my life I have ever had problems such as this and I am now on antibiotics.   Really do miss my wonderful dentist in Cape Town!!   My doctor gave me a lecture for not having had an asthma check up for several years and I obediently scheduled it for a late afternoon visit last week.   I patiently waited for a mother to load her children, shopping and pram into her car so that I could take advantage of her free parking.  Would have been better off just paying as I somewhat foolishly managed to clip my forehead with the edge of the car door.   The resultant gash and pouring blood were rather spectacular.   I suppose I did choose the right place as I was rushed off to the nurse who patched up my face with tape and bandage.   Two little boys sitting waiting to see the doctor were quite horrified at the the sight of my 'bloody' face.   I was sent home with a leaflet instructing me what to do if I suffered concussion.   Fortunately although I did feel as if I had been kicked by a donkey it has healed well and my asthma test is now scheduled for tomorrow morning.

I have been also been working on my bears and other animals for the next on line show.   Was planning to make a dragon but have run out of time,  as it is some time since I used my pattern and it needs some updating.

 I don't seem to get to many boot markets at the moment and was thrilled to receive some very pretty vintage hankies from a special friend who lives in London.  Just perfect for tiny bear's clothing and I love the tiny violet flowers.

Summer seems to have finally arrived with some wonderful sunny days and lots to do in the garden.   Having replacing all the hanging basket liners I am not impressed that the birds think that pulling bits off the new ones to use for their nests great fun.   The peonies are starting to flower, so excited as these are some of my favourite flowers and they have taken several years to get to the flowering stage.

I have managed to get ahead in my 2013 Goodreads challenge, whether this will continue and I will make my 85 book target is debatable.   I have books on order from the library which are taking a while so I have been raiding family bookshelves resulting in reading some rather different books.

My Merlin kitty is still with us,  enjoying the sunshine and presently eating well.

Hopefully something more interesting next time.


Kays Kids said...

I think you need to be very careful. You are prone to mishaps lately. I hope the head heals well and you are fine and healthy again.
Hugs Kay

mcddiss said...

veo que has estado bastante ocupada, espero que esa herida haya sanado bien y con cicatriz minima, y q ue tu infeccion de encias haya mejorado sino sanado con los anitibioticos,
en ocasiones las ventas son toda una aventura, espero que tengas mas suerte la proxima vez



Lithopsland said...

Hello Wendy! Belinda is a lovely looking bear. You dear thing, sounds like it was one of those weeks. It only gets better from here. :) Those vintage hankies are very pretty! Best wishes! :)


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