Thursday, March 14, 2013

An ailing kitty ......

A short blog update.    Forgot to mention in my last blog that my little Merlin kitty is still not too well.   His recent visit to the vet and blood tests show that he has a higher than normal white blood cell count and has lost quite a lot weight.   He was always a little large so that is not too serious and he is still eating well but is not a happy little furry child.   We have to keep a close watch on him over the next few weeks to see if he starts to improve or another visit to the vet will be necessary.

One order finally complete.   I was asked to repeat one of my 'older' pieces, a bear in a box trimmed with flowers.   As I made the first bear some time ago and no longer had the same fabric it has taken a while to find something suitable as well as find vintage flowers which are a good match.  After all the fiddly painting of flowers they were not quite the right shade.  I had to use some of my really special flowers, you know the ones which you keep in one of several boxes with all the pieces of vintage lace which you do not want to part with!!

I have also made another little purse this time with a panda bear.   All this purple is rather a change from my usual pinks 'tho.   Definitely no more making tiny pansy flowers for a while.

It is Victoria's second birthday this weekend and as she has developed a liking for penguins, I spent an entire morning wandering around Cambridge looking for a suitable soft toy without much success.   Arrived home wet, cold and miserable after getting caught in a snow shower and found just what I needed on line.   Now I understand why I like shopping on the internet.

Until next time ...............


mcddiss said...

que bonitos osos, en ocasiones es bueno volver a hacer cosas que no se han hecho desde hace tiempo, me alegra de que encontrases al final el regalo para Victoria



Kays Kids said...

You are just like me. I have absolutely beautiful antique lace and old flowers that seem just too good to use. Your bear in the box is delightful.


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