Saturday, February 16, 2013

Some bears for Hugglets

Another rather short blog update.  I have been working on my bears for the forthcoming Hugglets show which will be held on Feb 24th in London.   As usual I am in panic mode as I am as always behind with my stitching,  not happy with what I have made etc.   Then of course there is the difficulty of constantly thinking up new ideas.

Isabella Grace is a vintage style little bear sitting in a petit point purse, one of my more recent charity shop finds.   She is wearing a dress made from vintage lace and perhaps the skirt should have been a little less full so that more of the purse is visible.

I have also made one of my little boy bears in a knitted outfit.   Called Tuppence he is sitting on a lovely little leather suitcase made by my clever daughter Megan.

We try to plan our work months in advance as these tiny bears are time consuming in their creation.   These plans go slightly awry now and again.  Due to a cancellation,  we were offered a space in the Teddy Bear Extravaganza to be held March 22-24.   My bears are my living so I could hardly say no which means the stress level is rising but that is normal in my life!  

As we are still trying to get on top of various commissions and orders I must say a big thank you to our wonderful collectors for their patience.

And of course there is my great Good Reads Challenge for 2013.   So far I have only read 8 books of my goal of 85 books,  still a way to go but it is already mid February.

One of our kitties is showing signs of ill health.   Next week a visit to the vet is scheduled so please keep him in your thoughts.   Merlin is now ten years old, he is now the middle cat in our kitty family and has suffered with various allergies and health problems on and off during his life.   More feed back next time.

Have a wonderful weekend.......

Live in the moment and make it so beautiful that it will be worth remembering.


Tina @ TinyBear Studio said...

Your little ones are wonderful Wendy - love that little fellow on the suitcase.
You sure know how to put yourself under pressure don´t you. They sure take a lot of time those little ones. Hope you get everything finished in time.
Looking forward to see you on sunday :-)

Cathyraggedy said...

Oh wow She,s so wonderful girl,i love her dress.Big hugs Megan.

kyoko ishida said...

hi. im living in Kyoko Japan.

They are colorful and sooo cute!

Pretty clothes are sold for here.

really lovely! please look.


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