Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Happenings .......

Somewhat slowly but surely work is progressing.    My latest little bear, Elspeth, is dressed in daisy print fabric with embroidered cuffs and collar and now listed on e-bay.

There is a rather interesting  assortment of stitched bears on my work table in various stages of completion,   which means that several orders and commissions are almost ready

and I  have also completed another embroidered scissor keep 

Hugglets is just around the corner so I have spent time today drawing out bears and trying to think of something different, not easy.    After many years of making bears I am rather all out of new ideas.

As I have decided that this year I need to get back into a routine of walking each day and as this morning dawned fine and clear for a change,  I put on my boots and set off for a brisk walk.   Walking through the fields was rather like walking through a stream, after so much heavy and continual rain the water is just not soaking away.   The few days of milder weather is apparently over and we can expect freezing temperatures once again.  

We are now over-wintering three young hedgehogs.   The first one has rounded out very nicely and is  resident in the garage but as he thinks that he is onto a good thing with food and water readily available,  he refuses to hibernate.   The other two are in the conservatory both rather small but making good progress.   

Not much other news to report so until next time, take care.   Thinking of all our Australian collectors and friends, keep safe.


Claudia said...

What a beautiful little Lady! She is georgeous!!!
Have a happy week,

mcddiss said...

veo que sigues con tu produccion de esas maravillas de ositos , son preciosos , por aqui tambien estamos en invierno y hace frio
feliz año nuevo



Хелен-Мари said...

I love the bears, which you sew from your embroidery and crocheted items! You are the incredibly talented!

Tina @ TinyBear Studio said...

I just made the 'sew-for-Hugglets plan today and realized there were only 5 weeks to work in - ugh...
I need to speed up.
Looks wonderful with those little ones on your work table Wendy.
Looking forward to see what you bring in February.
Have a lovely sunday


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