Saturday, January 26, 2013

A sunny day at last .......

After weeks of dull grey skies and lots of snow today dawned bright and clear.    So nice to see some sunshine at last.   The birds are desperate for food as the weather has been so bad and the feed put out daily is well received by a variety of birds. We have a new solitary wagtail visiting the garden and he initially seemed to have the idea that he was going to miss out on food and constantly chased the other small birds away from the food.   He seems to have finally realised that the food is replenished each day and is not being so aggressive.   The baby hedgehogs are thriving and will soon have to be moved to the garage to hibernate.

I have been rather slow at blogging recently and would like to say that I have been too busy stitching.  I have completed another order and also made a special little pansy trimmed bear and purse.   The tiny pansies are made from ultrasuede,  so pretty to look at but a total nightmare to make but the end result does look pretty.   This is the first time I have used a purse frame which does not have stitching holes and the process of glueing the fabric to the frame was an interesting experience!  Little Pansy is now on her way to a new home in America.

I have also designed a new little bolero type cardi for my bears. hope to have some pics soon.   Hugglets loomed every closer and panic is starting to set in.

Enjoy the weekend...........


Kays Kids said...

Pansy is a real darling. Your purse is wonderful I'm glad it turned out so well, because of the time taken.

Milly Me® Teddy Bears said...

I just love your Pansy. She is awesome and the suede pansies are superb!!! I think it is wonderful set and the new owner will be over the moon with her.
Best of luck with your Hugglets preparations Wendy.

Hugs from a rainy-wetty-white-sticky-awful weather in Holland, Thea x


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