Thursday, November 15, 2012

Busy fingers............

The past few weeks have flown by, still busy stitching orders and trying to play catch up.

Making several repeats of a design can become a little artistically challenging and as I have not made an open mouth bear for some time, decided it would make a good change.    I used very fluffy white fabric, not the best choice perhaps but little Sarah looks quite cute and is now listed on e-bay.

She is wearing a crochet cardi in pale lavender which I have trimmed with tiny crochet flowers at the neck edge.   This is a pattern which I created some months ago and have used several times but in my usual scatter brained fashion it still needs a little tweak here and there when I re-use it.

Another new little bear recently added to our web page is Emily.   I started this bear just before the Hugglets show and had a major accident when stuffing the head which meant a whole new head had to be made.   Fortunately I had just sufficient fabric left for one little head.   There are several plain little bears now on the web page.   When life settles down a little and I have some of the current orders in the post I am planning to update our web page, less fuss perhaps and also my blog needs a new look.   Just need more time.

I was thrilled to be given another little bronze hare for my birthday.   Daisy Moongazer has joined her sisters on my yellow wood table.

All three little girls, Daisy, Bluebell and Buttercup and a tiny little carved wooden fox...........

The weather at the moment is quite unpleasant, our garden is a mud bath which sticks like glue to shoes and the dog's feet.    Even the kitties are not enjoying their morning outing.   The year is rapidly drawing to an end, soon it will be winter solstice and the days will slowly starting lengthening again.   This year the trees seem particularly colourful, shades of yellow, gold and red.  I have stored my fragile fuchsias and geraniums in the greenhouse but do not know if they will survive really severe winter weather.

Christmas is just around the corner and our special bears for the holiday season have not even left the fabric drawer, lots of work ahead. 

So back to work..........


Blumbärchen said...

I like your newest bear Sarah with her open mouth very much. She looks so lovely in her crocket cardi!


Kays Kids said...

Sarah is such a darling I love her crochet jacket. It sounds as though you have been very busy.

mcddiss said...

esos dos ositos son una monada , por aqui tambien tenemos mal tiempo , pero es lo que toca en otoño y tienes razon de aqui a dos dias navida , como pasa el tiempo



Milly Me® Teddy Bears said...

Love your new bears Megan. Sarah looks beautiful.

I love your bronze hare as well. It's fabulous ♥

Seems that everyone is very busy these days ;O) And you've got some plans in the pipeline: a blog change. well. Wish you the best of luck.

Have a happy weekend, Thea x


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