Wednesday, January 18, 2012

A week in the life of ...............

The windows in the conservatory are rather a problem for the feathered visitors to our garden and we often have 'bird' shapes on the window where the pigeons have flown into the glass.   On Sunday a chaffinch flew into the window and landed upside down on the lawn.   Wrapped up and put in a box he sat looking dazed and breathing heavily.    I found an excellent website explaining that birds suffer from concussion so we kept him in the box overnight in a warm spot in the house.    By morning he was anxious to get out and about seemingly fully recovered and flew off happily into the garden.

Lots of work in progress this week, another lot of orders almost complete..

and another new bear on e-bay, Catherine and her tiny little friend.    Stitching this tiny bear was not really something I enjoy, made from ultrasuede it looks cute but I am not into achieving any records for making very tiny bears.  I used some of the newly dyed fabric for her clothing.   The jacket is made from felt which is a mixture of rayon / wool and is supposedly not washable. It does take the dye well but is somewhat fragile as it quite fine but it makes wonderful clothing for little bears.
Still lots of work to catch up with over the next few weeks and should start planning on what I would like to make for Hugglets. 
A quick blog update and hopefully more next time.

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