Sunday, December 11, 2011

At last a blog update......

Not very much to write about, life is as usual rushing by with only thirteen days to Christmas.  Have at last completed my first lot of orders which seem to have taken for ever.   These will be off to their new home next week and I can start planning some new bears, working on remaining orders and perhaps take time to enjoy Christmas.............
Some time ago I decided that one of a kinds were not really going to work.  This is a much disputed subject and I quite honestly do not have time to design a new pattern each time I make a bear.  Each of my bears is quite unique, I am after all a human not a machine.  With the exception of the limited editions I create once a year for a specialist shop, I will re-make a bear for a special order.  Like any creative person the little faces can vary depending on how I am feeling.  The little dressed pandas have proved so popular.  I have used vintage long pile for these bears and sadly am fast running out of the original black.  Vintage long pile fabric is becoming harder to find unfortunately especially in the 'beary' colours.

Our Christmas tree and boxes of decorations are stored in the garage.  This year we had an episode of a family of mice finding the tree storage box an excellent home.  The 'naked' tree is now waiting decoration. The 'aged' tatty star which for so many years has topped the tree needs replacing.  The 99p store provided a rather garish angel which in between time will have to be re-dressed before gracing our tree.  Her face is somewhat over coloured on one side but should be able to repair that.  Hope to have a picture of her remake next time.
 A final picture of three kitties trying to grab some winter sunshine, all cuddled together on my bed.

Have a great week and take care..................

The best of all gifts around any Christmas tree; the presence of a happy family all wrapped up in each other. ~Burton Hillis

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