Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Places I have been.............

I have finally sorted out photos of my recent excursions.
The first pictures are taken in the gardens of Kenwood House.  This enormous estate bordered by Hampstead Heath is an idyllic spot with beautiful trees, lakes and footpaths to hidden places.  The house, estate and part of the art collection of the first Earl of Iveagh were bequeathed to the nation when he died in 1925. Concerts are held in the grounds in summer and it reminds me a lot of Kirstenbosch Gardens in Cape Town of course without the mountain as a backdrop.
Entry to the estate is free and when we visited the grounds were packed with families, dogs, lots of happy children and picnickers.
This is the front of the house. I did not go in to view the art collection but there is a thriving restaurant, the inevitable shop with tourist type items for sale and even a small nursery with cottage garden type of plants. Whilst wandering around taking photographs I came across one of my most favourite trees, a ginkgo. Originally from Asia this ancient species is  a living fossil related to the cycad. The tree is non flowering but has the most exquisite fan shaped leaves most suitable to use in silver clay work. Finding the tree, gazing in absolute awe and touching the branches (with a view to taking just one small leaf) I realised that I was the subject of attention by the nearby families enjoying their picnic. Needless to say I gave them all a weak smile and left without my treasured leaf. I did not even stop to take a photograph, perhaps next time.
 The bridge over the lake
and a coot, a water bird with the biggest and strangest feet. This one had babies, round black balls of fluff screaming hysterically as they could not get up the bank out of the lake to be with their mom.
A scenic view looking down across London.  Amazing that such a large open space exists in that enormous city.
The following photographs are all taken in Cambridge.  We took the bus to the city as it is one of those places where cars are not very welcome and park and ride is the way to go.  Much easier, less stressful and cheaper  as due to my extreme age I have a free bus pass!

Finally no blog of mine would  be complete without pictures of trees, an avenue of trees in the park and an ancient tree near Kings College.
Now time to get back to work, Hugglets is just around the corner and as usual time is flying by with little to show for hours of stitching.  I have spent the past two days embroidering tiny French knots around the hem of a bear's dress.
Austin has an army function on Saturday evening and I have been asked to babysit Victoria.  Something to look forward to and maybe I will have time to fit in some stitching whilst she is sleeping!

Have a good week .....................

Grandmothers are just antique little girls. ~Author Unknown


Tina @ TinyBear said...

Beautiful pics Wendy. Thanks for sharing.
I can´t wait for september to come. We´re going to vacate a bit after Hugglets - a few days in London and a visit to Oxford this time.

June said...

You certainly have seen some amazing things Wendy. Your phots are beautiful! Someday I would love to visit your beautiful country.
sending hugs...


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