Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Pictures to share........

First a warm welcome to my new blog followers, hope you will enjoy my creative ramblings.
At last a break from my temp assignment and time to catch up with work and blogging. The next two weeks are likely to be busy as I have so many things to do. MOT for the car, visits to the hospital for Mervyn and finally a long overdue appointment with the physiotherapist for my neck problems. Do miss my spineologist who solved everything in a ten minute consultation.
There are four little bears waiting to be dressed and I have finally completed the little meerkat ordered several months ago!
The warm spring weather has finally broken and we have had several days of rain, still most probably not sufficient but it has been good for the garden. The tomatoes are finally starting to fruit and I have lots of beans to pick, sadly something is eating all the spinach leaves!
I have noticed that the wild poppies do not seem to grow so prolifically in the wheat fields any more, perhaps due to weed killers or more intensive farming but they do still crop up here and here at the roadside. I found so many tiny plants that had seeded themselves in one of my pot plants and moved them to a corner of the garden. I was amazed at how different the flowers can be as you will see from the following pictures, various shades of deep red, white edges and even an orange flower.
Mid July and the days already seem to be starting to shorten. Yesterday the beautiful evening sky tempted me to take a walk camera in hand and here are some pictures to share.
 Red berries with rain drops from an afternoon shower
An exquisite variegated tree
Bright red ivy geraniums in hanging baskets outside the village hall
The village church silhouetted against a pastel evening sky
The lychgate at the entrance to the churchyard
and gentle clouds in a pretty sky.  There is a cricket pavilion in front of the trees but when I lighten the picture the colours in the sky fade away.  On my wish list when I win the lottery, a new camera.
A final picture of Merlin, cats do sleep in the strangest places.............
After years of spending a fortune on this little kitty with special biscuits for his skin problems we discovered that all they seemed to do was to make him put on a lot of weight.  He is now having the same good quality biscuits that the other cats,  his skin looks good and his fur is shiny.
To end on a positive note,  English badgers would seem to have won a slight reprieve and the planned cull is to be delayed until next year.  So sad that man cannot live in harmony with nature and animals.

Until next time...............

Because the heart beats under a covering of hair, of fur, feathers, or wings, it is, for that reason, to be of no account? ~Jean Paul Richter

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Tatkis said...

Oh my, the meerkat is so cute!
Thank you for sharing pictures with us (I love poppies very much!)



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