Friday, April 8, 2011

Bears in waiting and spring flowers ......

Not much blogging lately, the weeks have flown by and somewhat hard to believe that it is April already.
It was Mothering Sunday last weekend in the UK. Thank you to my special children for the presents and wonderful flowers......
roses in the most unusual shade of pink and pale lavender. Had fun 'ageing' this picture ....

and deep purple and very fragrant hyacinths
We have had several days of glorious spring weather, sunny and warm. The masses of spring flowers on display are wonderful and even my humble garden is starting to look better with patches of colour and the vegetable garden is all ready to be planted.

Two bright red ladybugs on one of my most loved flowers, a peony. Hope it flowers well this year.
 White blossom on the tree just outside our garden
and a patch of pretty purple wild violets
something apparently quite unusual, primula auricula

Last year  when visiting an 'open house' garden show I found one of these plants on the sale table. By the time I arrived all the good plants had long been sold and the dregs were being sold for .25p. The bottom picture is one of these plants which I brought home, planted in a pot and left to its own devices through the heavy snow and frost this past winter. It amazingly has survived and is now full of flowers, obviously quite a hardy plant. The same cannot be said for my beautiful fuchsias which I carefully overwintered in the green house and even bought a special little heater to keep them warm. Sadly they are all deceased!
this deeper purple plant was a recent boot market find. From my little internet research they are also known as mountain cowslip or 'bear's ear' and originate in Asia. The humble wild variety is plain yellow.
The bird's house seems to be inhabited by a pair of shy little birds, not wanting to disturb them so will have to keep a watch from a distance.
I have stitched and completed three little bears who are now waiting for clothing, one is an order the other two will be dressed for e-bay/web page. Most of their clothing is stitched and I have been busy with the crochet hat and bag for the little girl on the left.
Tomorrow I am off to London for the day, get to spend some time with Victoria.
Wishing everyone a special and restful weekend, hopefully some pictures of three little dressed girl bears next time.

In my garden there is a large place for sentiment. My garden of flowers is also my garden of thoughts and dreams. The thoughts grow as freely as the flowers, and the dreams are as beautiful. ~Abram L. Urban


IRIS said...

Wendy! I love your bears!

June said...

I adore your sweet bears Wendy! You give them such darling personalities.
Your rose photos (all of your blooms) are just beautiful!!!!
sending hugs...


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