Tuesday, March 15, 2011


How computers have changed our world.  The ongoing tragedy in Japan has unfolded before us showing heartbreaking pictures and the harsh reality of this enormous disaster.   Life is so very precious and an event of this magnitude makes me realise that all the mundane issues of my life are not that important.
This beautiful song 'Requiem' by Eliza Gilkyson was composed as a song of grief following the Asian tsunami.  Once again it is finding its way to listeners and as a song of prayer and comfort.

We had our own share of drama last week.  Mervyn was rushed to hospital on Thursday night as there was some concern that he had suffered a minor stroke.  The CT scan did not show any recent abnormalities but he is now on medication and scheduled for a more intensive MR scan later in the month.  He is physically a lot better and after sitting in hospital very bored over the weekend, was sent home yesterday.
Austin arrived back safely with much to relate of his experiences in Afghanistan and a gift of a small silk prayer rug.  Unfortunately due to all the delays, his planned shopping trip in Bastion to get special gifts for all the family was cancelled.  We are thrilled to have him back home and we are now all awaiting the arrival of 'Victoria'.
The on line show was a great success and three of our creations found new homes.  I was planning to take a break for a few days but there are long overdue orders to complete and this year's special limited editions need to be stitched.
Megan and I decided that we should continue with our planned trip to the London Vintage Fashion and Accessories show on Sunday.  The show was wonderful, lots of beautiful vintage clothing, lace, hats, jewellery etc.  With a limited budget we settled for some lace, buttons, silk threads and pearl beads.  Guess Megan picked the silk threads, look at all those pinks.......
The pink DMC lacet is something I have never seen before. Internet research revealed that it also known as bolduc band.  A flat, narrow cotton shoelace-weave tape used to mark the dress form in haute couture.  DMC stopped making it some time ago and it is apparently very hard to find.   I also discovered that it was sometimes used in crochet with a picture taken from an amazing little book entitled 'Encyclopedia of Needlework by Therese de Dillmont.  I have a copy of this book which I purchased many years ago.  A very small book it contains a wealth of information.  There is no publication date but the book belonged to Alison Devereux in 1927.
Sadly the vintage velvet flowers which I love to collect were ridiculously overpriced. Having collected all this 'stuff' for many years I am quite shocked at the prices now being asked. The show is held several times a year and we plan to visit again in the future, have to start saving.
Back to bear making...............

Reality is harsh. It can be cruel and ugly. Yet no matter how much we grieve over our environment and circumstances nothing will change. What is important is not to be defeated, to forge ahead bravely. If we do this, a path will open before us. Daisaku Ikeda


Conni said...

Thank you for the beautiful song.
Best wishes for you

Southern Bears said...

Wendy, there are so many points of interest in your post and the song is beautiful. But most of all I want to say that you must be so happy to see your child and so very excited about Victoria's arrival. This is going to be one of your greatest blessings.

Lots of love
Pat xx

June said...

Oh I needed to read that quote today and hear that beautiful song. My heart has been grieving so much lately with the news of disaster. I am so glad that I could come here for the refuge I was seeking. Thank you Wendy.
I am glad to read that the stroke was not severe (and pray that the rest of the tests turn out good) and that you had wonderful reunions in your family. I love the vintage beauties you and Meagan found. I smiled when I saw her choice of threads...so like my own. We would get on so well.
sending hugs from here...


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