Sunday, March 6, 2011

Blooming bear on line show

A busy week comes to an end and I am still trying to complete my bears as well as prepare the web page for the show. Our preview for the show is literally just a head completed before Hugglets and attached to a body without arms or legs!
At least this as yet unnamed little girl now has a body and is all dressed and ready for the big day

Megan has generously shared her 'flu/cold with me and I am drinking lots of my special apple and ginger mixture in the hope of keeping it at bay.  My second piece for the show is almost complete and Megan is working on a beautiful spring creation, hopefully all will all be done within the next few days.
Spring is in the air with daffodils springing up everywhere. Spotted clumps of snowdrops on my walk this week.........
the bulbs which I belatedly planted are looking healthy and hopefully will provide lots of colour and flowers. The tiny daffodils are in flower outside our sitting room window...
The cats have taken to sleeping on Bronwen's bed in the few hours of warm sunshine each day. A very sleepy Mischka
and my precious little Leila. This little kitty has blossomed over the past few months. She is now some five years old and it has taken a long time for her to gain confidence. I found her as a tiny starving kitten only about four weeks old in the back courtyard of our house in Cape Town. She has bravely moved continents, enjoyed the wonderful French countryside and is now settling down in our Cambridge home. Normally she runs and hides when a stranger is in the house but she sat on the stairs and watched the BT technician very carefully ensuring that he sorted out our internet connection properly (after innumerable problems).
A busy week ahead once again, with finishing touches for our on line show creations. Austin arrives back in the UK from Afghanistan on Friday and I will be driving to Oxford to collect him meeting up with YoonMi then driving them back to London. It is many years since I last visited Oxford, don't know if I will have time to see the sights but I do remember it as being a place rather like Cambridge, not car friendly. Should be an interesting excursion as I will only have the GPS to guide me, my trusty navigator Megan will unfortunately be working that day! 
Finally a very special friend has sent complimentary tickets for the Vintage Fashion and Accessories Fair to be held next Sunday in London. As it is Megan's birthday this week, we have planned a special outing for the day. Hope we find lots of lovely vintage bits and pieces.

Spring has returned. The Earth is like a child that knows poems. ~Rainer Maria Rilke


IRIS said...

What a beautiful little girl, Wendy!
And Leila too :)
Get well soon.

Alba Linea said...

how beautyfull this little girly! love her very much! bear hugs di

Southern Bears said...

Wendy, you must be so excited to see your child! I hope you have an absolutely fabulous time.

Pat xx

Abi said...

Gorgeous bear and kitties... spring has sprung quickly! Thank you for stopping by.
Good luck with ther show, hope the flu stays away!


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