Sunday, July 11, 2010

Life and the rescued hoglet..............................

Many days since my last blog update and so much has happened. Life has played out all it's drama with our family in recent weeks.
I have been stressed out and busy, not unusual but driving through St Ives last weekend I was involved in a car accident. Partly my fault and the first time in many years of driving but still a nuisance as I am 'car less' for some two weeks! Living in a rural area with a rather intermittent bus service does not help.
After a run of unpleasant happenings thought that it could not get much worse until Austin told us that he was being posted to Afghanistan, the nightmare of every serving soldier's family I suppose. 
The weather has been unbelievably hot and I cannot recall when we actually last had rain. The lawn is brown and struggling but I am keeping the flowers and vegetables alive by daily watering, no hosepipe restrictions in this area yet. I thought I had left all that behind in Africa. The vegetables are thriving 'tho and we have been harvesting peas, the tomatoes are growing well and beans are flowering. This picture of the veggie garden was taken some ten days ago, everything has shot up considerably since then and we have extended the garden to accommodate new seedlings.
 Our very first strawberry, bright red and juicy.

My second clematis is now in full flower and looks wonderful. Growing in a rather small pot and with a bundle of rather spindly little sticks at the base, the top section is a mass of flowers. Hopefully we have our own house in the not too distant future and I can actually plant it out in the garden.

We had a prickly guest for a couple of days. Bronwen was taking Max for a walk and spotted a cat tormenting a little creature. On investigating she found he had a baby hedgehog which she carefully carried home wrapped in a tissue! The hoglet was undamaged 'tho very thirsty and very happy to drink the water and eat the cat food we offered. He stayed in a box in the conservatory for a day but was anxious to get out so we put the box in the garden. He soon managed to escape and we spotted him wandering around the garden. As he seemed to be in good health and quite self sufficient, we decided to leave him to find his own home, hoping of course that he would take up residence in the garden. Don't know if he has stayed or found his way to greener pastures as we have not seen him since. He/she looks just like Mrs. Tiggywinkle in Beatrix Potter's book.

I have been working on bears, several more to be dressed and decorated, hopefully this week will see something complete and ready for e-bay. 
A final picture of two hot and sleepy kitties. Mischka and Merlin sleeping soundly next to each other on the bed. Poor Merlin is battling once again with skin problems caused by the hot weather. A visit to the vet might be on the cards but as the usual treatment is a cortisone injection which makes him put on so much weight and is likely to cause liver/kidney problems, not something I want to do.
Not much more to add, pictures of bears next time and our challenge rag dolls perhaps!
Have a good week ............

 'When life gives you a hundred reasons to cry, show life that you have a thousand reasons to smile.'

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