Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Bears in the making ......

First the good news is that my car was delivered back from the repairers last Thursday and I was rather glad to see it again. Amazing how life depends on being mobile.
Hugglets is still some seven weeks away and as usual we have a lot to do. New patterns to design as we have had so many requests for new kits, bears to make and well the list is endless. Megan and I are both working part time at the moment so life will be a little hectic, not unusual.
Megan's latest design is a cute little boy with a cap, preview picture of Sawyer below. He is made from English vintage velvet fabric, now quite impossible to find but it makes wonderful bears. Fortunately we do have a good supply in stock. He will be available in our Etsy store soon. Designing and stitching bears is only one small part of putting together a pattern. The diagrams / instructions as well as a cover with a list of 'ingredients' all require careful work. I often wonder whether any one reads the instructions with a pattern, I know that I don't and it is sometimes a case of when all else fails read the instructions!
I have been busy drawing out bears and stitching, three now ready to be assembled. Amazing how many hours it takes to complete a miniature bear. This is a picture of William and his friend Puddles the duck, sitting on a travelling trunk... off on a big adventure perhaps?

The birds seem to have deserted our garden, possibly there is sufficient food around for them at the moment but they usually like to utilise the water we have around the garden as it is still very hot and dry. Autumn is just around the corner, the wheat is turning gold and the canola fields quite dry and brown, harvesting will soon be under way. The farmers are busy cutting and storing hay at the moment. The ducks still seem to be producing babies, sadly quite a few ducks have been run over in the past few weeks. Although this is just a small village a 'B' road runs through the centre and it is extremely busy during the day and very few drivers heed the speed restrictions.
The lone squirrel is still visiting the garden scratching through all the bird seed to find the sunflower 'bits'. He seems quite young and is very shy and nervous.
Until next time and perhaps some completed bears.........................

Most of the shadows of this life are caused by our standing in our own sunshine.  ~Ralph Waldo Emerson


IRIS said...

Beautiful works Megan and Wendy! Sawyer, William and his friend Puddles the duck are so stunning!

王美妹 said...
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