Tuesday, March 2, 2010

A good show.................

A quick report back on the Hugglets show. Our drive to London on the Saturday was uneventful although we hit a major rain storm just after arriving in London. We had a good day shopping in London and spending Christmas gift vouchers before sitting labelling the bears for the show.I managed to buy some new scissors which are to be kept for face trimming only! Megan calls me the scissor queen as I have some twelve assorted pairs of scissors. Working with vintage velvet seems to blunt even the best quality scissors very quickly!
Sunday dawned grey and rather miserable with the promise of a spectacular storm later in the day. We arrived a little later than usual but I managed to throw Megan out of the car near the entrance (thank goodness for miniature bears) and then parked the car in the underground parking area at just 3 minutes before 9. The show was well attended and we had a good day. It was wonderful to see old friends again and catch up with all the happenings. The show now closes at 4pm and we packed up and got ready for our journey home. Parking fees from 9am are £4 but my three minutes cost me an extra £3, '?$@ rip-off. Must remember next time to sit out in the street until 9 then park the car!!! I was a little nervous as I had anticipated a major storm with lots of rain on the way home but it was dry and clear and a pleasant drive. We arrived in the Huntingdon area to discover it had poured earlier in the day, roads were closed and there were flood warnings in our area.
Now it is back to work as usual. We have sold several of our remaining bears since the show and Megan has a lot of orders to complete, no rest for the weary.
The crocus flowers are now out in full blossom and look quite spectacular. However the tree trimmers have been around cutting back the big trees behind our house. Presumably anyone who cuts down trees for a living has little love for nature as they just dumped all the branches on top of the flowers.
We made a cursory start to our house hunting today and I must admit to feeling a little panicky and unhappy, we need space for the dog/cats and somewhere to work but it is early days yet so hopefully we will find just the right house for all of us or perhaps we might just win the Euromillions............ here's hoping......
Have a good week.

~Ordinary riches can be stolen, real riches cannot. In your soul are infinitely precious things that cannot be taken from you. Oscar Wilde~


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Lynda (Granny K) said...

Glad you had a good Hugglets. Your bears are fantastic! What amazing skill and patience you both have!


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