Sunday, December 13, 2009

A job well done................

Tonight I can celebrate the completion of our Christmas creations and an update of our web page. Each year we make great plans to have all the new bears completed at the beginning of December, perhaps one year we might just achieve this.
This is Star the Christmas Fairy.  I can now start working on some other bears, Hugglets is after all just around the corner.

We still have boxes everywhere in the house, it is an interesting fact that after some nine months in storage I quite honestly look at some of the contents in amazement. Old age or the blonde syndrome perhaps? Must have bought these things at some stage but have forgotten when or even why! Reminds me of a friend who moved home after some twenty eight years in the same house. She told me that she was rather bothered with the fact that she had paid for items which she was now paying some one else to take away. 

On the plus side there is a passage between all the boxes in the garage and we do have a very large quantity of packaging material to dispose of. 
We are a family of pack rats and amongst my garden ornaments I have a concrete lion's head. This was damaged by one of the cats at some stage and I had glued the corner back in position as a temporary measure until I have time to repair it properly. The removal company have to identify any items which they discover are damaged whilst packing and I was amused to unwrap said lion and discover written in large letters on the front 'creck'.  My South African friends will appreciate the spelling error.

When working on the little fairy bear I decided that I needed silver ribbon and trimmings. Braved the freezing cold garage with the great intention of  finding one of our boxes. Moved some containers, looked in the one which I was sure had just what I needed. Discovered a large quantity of scrap booking supplies (when did I ever think I had time for scrap booking) and gave up. After all that I managed to find just the right trims in my 'new' supplies acquired over the past few months.

The weather is very cold and damp and our back garden more like a 'glue' factory than ever. It will soon be winter solstice and the days will gradually start lengthening, don't mind the cold, wind or rain but getting dark at 4pm takes a little getting used to, just as odd as I found mid summer in Brittany and bright daylight at 10.30 at night. The cats, who have always been fed at about 6 in the evening, find this mid afternoon darkness very strange and start asking for dinner at 4pm. On the subject of kitties, my  Sasha cat has become old so very suddenly. He is a lot thinner, his fur looks a bit tatty and he complains bitterly about everything. My internet research indicates that all these symptoms plus his unquenchable thirst, could be a hyperthyroid problem so a visit to the vet is the next step. Perhaps I can find some natural alternative therapy to help him cope.
Howl's moving castle is still on the hillside but sadly the lamp post from Narnia has been repaired and only comes on at night.
We fortunately found all our Christmas decorations quite easily and our tree is up and decorated. Various neighbours have outside lights on their houses and wreaths on doors, it is exciting to be experiencing a more traditional Christmas in the northern hemisphere. Today I was asked what is the difference between  Christmas day in South Africa and England. My immediate response was "well............. the weather is rather different............"  
Have a great week.

Wouldn't life be worth the living
Wouldn't dreams be coming true
If we kept the Christmas spirit
All the whole year through?
~Author Unknown

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