Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Pictures of autumn and other things........

Autumn is drawing to a close and it will shortly be winter. We have already had some violent storms and over the weekend the wind blowing across the fields and onto the side of our house sounded rather like a steam train. Perhaps it is fortunate that I became used to strong winds whilst living in Cape Town. Most of the trees are now totally stripped of leaves and they have a surreal beauty all of their own at this time of the year.

The birds visiting our feeders are increasing in numbers daily, presumably as food is now in short supply. There is one little dove who visits all on his own and a variety of smaller birds. This is a picture of the rookery in the trees across the road from our house. Now that all the leaves are off the trees I was amazed to see all the nests 'tho the birds apparently only start breeding in March. Rooks are very much farmland birds and there are a large number around this area.

Leila has blossomed over the past few weeks, gaining in confidence and becoming rather a flirt. When we are working she comes and 'talks' to us and loves to play. The older boys are rather mean and not interested in her at all, thinks she needs a younger companion! I took this picture of her sleeping on my bed totally oblivious of her surroundings, quite a contrast to earlier years when she was always on the defensive. My little orphan angel kitty has finally come into her own.
I have actually managed to finish a bear this week. Having a definite idea for a hat and no pattern, I searched the internet to find a crochet cloche style hat. The first attempt was a total disaster as was the second but third time lucky I now have a cute little hat. With a pretty crochet flower trim it is almost complete, just the clothing to do. Hopefully a picture of the completed bear in my next blog. Busy thinking up ideas for Christmas bears and patterns.
I have also been trying to work on some beading. I am learning the hard way that it is not sensible to visit bead shops and buy small quantities of beads. I have several beautiful beaded cabochons which need to be put on necklaces and after sitting for several hours going through beads, matching colours etc I found that I do not have sufficient for my projects. I am now putting together a journal of ideas with pictures and bead samples, which I will carry around with me.
I have taken to enter competitions in the hope of winning something, sometime in my life. I was quite thrilled to receive a parcel from a UK bead shop, my winnings from a give-away in one of the nicest English bead magazines on the market. The best part of the prize was eight little flocked triangular beading trays but the four spools of Beadalon Wildfire will come in most handy.
The middle of another week and lots of work to do and I need some calmness in my life. This part of the journey of my life has had many downs and a few ups and I am finding it hard to set aside time for myself, for meditation and just to be alone and away from worries and problems. Hopefully I can find some way around this in the not too distant future.

When babies look beyond you and giggle, maybe they're seeing angels. ~Quoted in The Angels' Little Instruction Book

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