Monday, November 23, 2009

A comatose squirrel and life....................

Thank you for all the comments and a special thank you to to Lynda (Granny K) for the excellent solution to warming the little greenhouse, have provided the man with the terracotta pot just need to get him a supply of tea lights or candles.
We do lead eventful lives. We had bears to post overseas today and on our return from the Post Office, Megan discovered a squirrel lying 'comatose' on the front path (or so she thought). She put her hand by its head and was bitten for her trouble. It would appear that the little beastie had slipped off the roof (they do live in our ceiling), landed on the pavement and was just stunned. Having grown up in Africa she should know better but being a soft touch she was worried that he was hurt. Obviously not!
Two bears are on their way to new homes in the States and we have to get working on those Christmas bears. I am busy knitting a romper suit and cardi for my latest bear, almost done then I can put a picture of him on the blog.
On Saturday we went to Peterborough and I, of course, had to visit the Cathedral and now for the history lesson, just think I am saving you all a lot of research time ......................
This magnificent Norman style building was built in its present form between 1118 and 1238 but has a history dating back some 1350 years. Katherine of Aragon is buried here as was Mary Queen of Scots but apparently her remains were moved to Westminster Abbey in 1612. Unfortunately as there was a service in progress we were only able to take a quick look inside. It has the most beautiful painted ceiling which is apparently unique in Britain and one of only four such ceilings in Europe. It was completed between 1230 and 1250 and has been over-painted only twice. I was struck with the similarity of this building to Ely Cathedral which also has a magnificent painted ceiling but in my research I discovered that this is Victorian! I did manage to get some pictures of the outside but hope to get to explore inside soon. This was also one of the many church buildings so tragically vandalised by Oliver Cromwell and his troops.

There was a small craft show being held in one of the Church buildings and I was delighted to discover teddy bear artist Christine Pike with some of her wonderful sculptures. It was interesting to find a 'beary' person at a different venue.
I know that it can be a little soul destroying sitting waiting to sell your crafts but I was a little disconcerted to walk into a tiny room with a lot of gloomy faces sitting behind tables. Times are hard financially for most of us but if you are trying to sell your handwork or art you need to promote it and that means putting on a smiling face even if you are exhausted and sales have not been good.
This is a picture taken from our workroom window of the sunset sky. It is a rather Halloween type of picture with the lights in the houses behind us and the bare branches on the trees.

And finally this is Raggedy Annie, my e-bay purchase. Saw this little doll some days ago and just had to have her, she is in the post and cannot wait for her to arrive. I think she might look nice sitting by my two vintage bears but she looks so pristine and new. Will have to wait until she arrives before I decide but I think she is quite exquisite.
Have a good week....................

I like the silence of a church, before the service begins better than any preaching. ~Ralph Waldo Emerson

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