Tuesday, September 29, 2009


What is my impression of Cambridgeshire? Well on a clear day you can see forever........ and ever and ever. It is totally flat fen country with not even a hill in sight. My Welsh blood does miss mountains but I am getting used to this different landscape.
The autumn weather is being incredibly kind to us and is still extremely warm during the day, only early morning and evenings are quite cool. I am feeling a little lost as if my soul still has to catch up but today I actually had a feeling of finally belonging somewhere.
The cats and dog situation has not changed and will seemingly be a long process. Megan managed to capture the most wonderful picture of three kitties sitting on the windowsill of our upstairs workroom window looking down at the brown dog in the garden, Merlin almost seems to be saying that thing is still there!
The empty house next door has now been occupied and the owners have three cats! As I am now letting the cats out into the garden for a short while each day, Merlin spent his time this morning investigating their garden.
On Sunday we visited Ely which is just a short drive away and of course visited the magnificent cathedral. Will have to make the journey again on a weekday to fully explore the town and the old buildings. Have found the churches in England, with the exception of the cathedrals, are quite small in comparison to the enormous buildings in even the smallest villages in France. The style of architecture is also quite different but there are still wonderful gargoyles 'tho on a much smaller scale. These are just two pictures of Ely Cathedral, our visit was late in the afternoon and as it was evensong service we could not take pictures inside.

The cathedral has the most magnificent painted ceiling. Visitors to the cathedral are able to view the ceiling in a magnifying mirror, a wonderful idea as it reflects the work in close up detail.

I have to end my blog now as I have lots of work to do but I must ask for all my kind blog followers to remember a special little boy. Benjamin is the four year old son of my niece and has just undergone major surgery. Recent x-rays showed a chiari malformation which required immediate attention. Yesterday he had intricate surgery on his skull and the top of his spine and the next few days will be very worrying and traumatic for his family. Please remember this precious child in your prayers.

Every tomorrow has two handles. We can take hold of it by the handle of anxiety, or by the handle of faith. ~Author Unknown

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