Sunday, August 16, 2009

A visit to the doctor and other things................

As mentioned in a previous blog the little beastly mosquitoes here are causing major problems. Mervyn is one of those hale and hearty people who sales through doses of 'flu without a bother. He has however had a severe allergic reaction to the many bites he has acquired. Having visited the friendly English speaking chemist on several occasions and finding no improvement, I took him off to the doctor. The chemist had given me contact details for an English speaking doctor in Pontivy. Of course it is summer vacation time and he is away. I managed to explain to the receptionist in poor French that we needed to make an appointment and was told to be there at quartorze heure and we would have to wait. No problem I thought.... There were three waiting rooms and not understanding which one was correct, sat down in the first. Waited for an hour and as it was stuffy and some child arrived who sounded as if he had something contagious, I went outside. The receptionist then told me that we should be in another room! So we moved..
The doctor finally called us in. His English was passable and after all, stick out an arm and leg covered with blisters and he should know what to do! Amazing how crafts make the world smaller 'tho, he had a large quilted wall hanging of cats and when I commented on it, he proudly told me that his wife had made it. After applying more dressings, lots of antiseptic ointment etc we went our way with a large prescription for antibiotics and other stuff! An expensive visit, unfortunately our medical insurance cover has a £60 excess and this visit cost just under that.
The house hunting is going slowly, have applied to rent a house in Cambridgeshire. Now have to wend our way through all the red tape and requirements. Wish it were all over and we could be finally settled down and Megan and I could get some work done.
I have completed a good selection of bears for the Hugglets show, fortunately. At this stage don't know when we will actually be able to move but it does look like only on or about the 1st September, was hoping to be able to move mid month.
I have to get the cats EU passports just 2 days before we move as they require tick treatment not more than 72 hours before travelling to the UK.
Today we visited a medieval village but more about that next time as it is extremely late and I am off to bed...........

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Southern Bears said...

Oh Wendy I can only imagine what a huge move this has been but I would give anything to be able to relocate to Scotland. I think all your sacrifices will be well worth it to be with your daughters again.

Pat xx


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