Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Something different - Bastille Day celebrations in Vannes

Usually my blog consists of my ramblings, pics of flowers, old buildings, sundry animals and a few bears.
Now for something very different 'people' ........ a selection of some of the many photographs I took on Bastille Day in Vannes.
France is divided into departments and we live in Morbihan which in Breton means 'little sea'. Vannes is the capital of Morbihan and the main celebrations of Bastille Day were held in this beautiful medieval city. Everyone entered into the spirit of the occasion with among other things music, dancing and historic costumes. It was very crowded so please excuse some of my pictures which might include hands, heads and other cameras. Trying to get good pics in the narrow streets was quite an achievement.
It was a colourful and fun event with characteristic French joie de vivre. I loved every minute of the little that I saw so here are some of the pictures to share.
This stunningly vivacious girl with a most beautiful voice enthralled the crowd with her singing and invited the audience to join in the Breton folk songs.

Two obliging pirates, the second a little too pleased with himself I think......................

Dancers in costumes which appear to have a Venetian flavour ...............

I have no idea what this was all about but it was interesting, he had an escort of soldiers in fancy uniforms

Pirates of the Caribbean perhaps?
There were many other amazing displays of people walking on a selection of stilts, the tallest was almost the height of a three storey building, lots of pirates (some with slaves which elicited some snide comments in English from someone in the crowd) and an amazing variety of beautiful costumes.
Once again I just cannot include all the pictures in my blog, so I really will have to spend a day or two trying to put together some albums of all my accumulation of pictures.

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