Sunday, July 12, 2009

Some things I forgot............

As I was writing my previous blog in the wee small hours I forgot some items of interest.
Firstly the swallows are here in abundance, very pretty birds with a different colouring to the ones I was used to seeing in South Africa. Some weeks ago one flew into the house and Merlin was delighted. Pounced on it immediately and I had to rescue it from him, did not seem to have come to any harm and it flew away. This past week two flew in the door and immediately out again, amazing as the doorways are low in this house.
As mentioned in my earlier blog I have at last seen the sea. Whilst in Carnac on a very high hilltop the view across the countryside was quite amazing and on the distant horizon was the sea.
The hilltop in question is a tumulus, extremely high which has a small church built on top of it. Unfortunately access inside the tomb is not possible but I have tried to give some idea of the height of this structure with my photograph. I could not fit the entire hillside into one shot on my camera, the door to the tunnels shows the stone structure from the outside. Apparently the items found in the tomb are all in the museum in Carnac.

Yesterday afternoon we went searching for a 7m high menhir which is situated not too far from Pontivy. It is a unique and isolated menhir called the Devil's Distaff. Well it is so isolated that we could not find it! It was an interesting afternoon out I suppose but I was extremely frustrated to find several informative maps in various places showing churches of interest as well as megaliths but no clear indication as to where they are. Will have to try again.
One thing which was quite exciting, apart from the cat which flew across the road in front of the car giving me near heart failure, was a young fox slinking across the road and into the hedgerow. First 'live' fox I have seen and quite brave as they usually don't wander around too much in the day time from what I understand.
So the megalith hunt begins this week, hope we can find it....................

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