Tuesday, May 12, 2009

A sad and sorry kitty........................

Mischka is proving to be a problem patient, he hobbles around in a foul mood feeling quite sorry for himself. His front paw still bothers him (and me) and his back leg is also rather sore. The vet was quite certain that the front paw was just damaged from teeth bites but the bottom section seems to flop around quite alarmingly. It does seem to be 'glueing' together again and his course of antibiotics is helping with the swollen paw pad on the back leg. I was all prepared to give him some human medicine for pain as I have always done this with dogs in the past. On checking on the internet (what did we do before Google?) I discovered that aspirin and human painkillers can be fatal to cats. Apparently their liver is not able to cope with any drugs of that sort. We have had to just give him a hotwater bottle (which he loves) and some arnica for the bruising as homeopathic medicine does not seem to be a problem.
I have been feeding the birds in the garden with wild bird seed but this week added suet balls to their diet. They seem to love these. The bird house is definitely in occupation and there is a busy little feathered creature darting in and out of the front opening. We discovered that the little piece of wood that should be fixed to the front, sort of like a step, is missing. I don't want to disturb the birds so will have to leave it unfortunately. The cherries are setting on the tree. It is an enormous tree so we will have to pick just the lower branches, the birds will enjoy the rest I am sure.
Tomorrow Megan will be returning to London so I will be driving to Dinard airport! There is a bear fair in Stratford in June, as taking the car is an expensive option I have been looking into taking the Dinard flight. However whilst most other countries in Europe seem to have wonderful rail services, this part of France is sadly lacking. I have so far discovered that I can most probably take a bus to Rennes, then a train to St Malo then a taxi to Dinard! However as there is only one flight a day to the UK I will have to plan times extremely carefully. This could prove to be quite an achievement. Still in the planning stage.
Unfortunately Bronwen's hopes of getting her dog out of quarantine earlier before the requisite six month period have fallen through. She would have to pay a ridiculous amount to get her dog brought to Europe and returned to the UK so it is out of question, think it is just a way of some one making a lot of money!

A bird does not sing because it has an answer. It sings because it has a song. ~Chinese Proverb

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