Monday, May 4, 2009

Journeys and flowers from my garden.........................

On Saturday I drove to Dinard Airport to collect Megan. She has come to cat sit for the week so that Mervyn and I can travel to the UK.
Sunday we had a choice of markets once again and opted to drive to the nearest which was only about 30 mins drive away. It was held in an enormous open field part of an army camp and there were over 500 exhibitors! We walked up and down tables with the usual endless second hand clothing, junk, antiques and wonderful furniture at very reasonable prices. It was such a big market that half way through you get a feeling of what is the point of looking at everything, seen it all. Glad we did not give up as we found some good stuff. Our first find was a bag of some 50 really tiny mother of pearl buttons, perfect for mini bears. As most of the stuff being sold is sort of boot sale items I am always looking for granny's old sewing stuff that is being thrown out. Yesterday we found some lovely old ribbon, lace and initialled tape at a very reasonable price. Also found some more of the DMC cotton yarn for crochet flowers. So it was a good day. My final purchase was a lovely dragon fly brooch.
On the way home spotted swathes of bluebells growing in a wooded area next to the road. Had to stop and pick a good bunch to bring home, the colour is amazing.
Today is my wedding anniversary (all of 39 years) and guess how I spent my day.................. as we will be driving to London tomorrow we needed to cut all the lawns. So.......... I spent the day mowing the lawn with Megan's help of course. It does look good but tonight I am tired and aching.
Have knitted two tiny cardis for my bears and have several new bears all cut out and ready to sew, but will not be taking any sewing with me. Always find that I don't have time for it anyway.
Finally pics to share of some of the wild flowers I have found in my garden. The first is a strange plant which is growing next to the well. It has large leaves with intermittent dark spots with strange sort of arum lilly type flowers. Cannot find anything quite like it on the internet need my book of European wild flowers!

This is a beautiful blue Columbine (Aquilegia). Never found a wild plant before only the cultivated variety. Discovered this one growing in the long grass at the side of the garden together with a handful of bluebells.

Well as I have an early start tomorrow it is off to bed..........

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Southern Bears said...

Congratulations Wendy, 39 years is such an achievement! Yesterday my husband and I went to the Rosebank Roof Market and I always head straight for the Collectibles which mostly is a lot of real junk, however I have found some really good stuff there. One of the stall keepers had a couple of old bears and then suddenly I spotted one of my most favourite bears and I just knew, even from a distance that it was yours. Amazingly, even the hubby recognised him. He was about 9" and undressed. He had your sew in tag. The stall keeper kept changing the price and my husband got really angry and dragged me away. What a pity.


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