Saturday, April 4, 2009

The weekend begins ...............

Today is a rainy and cool day. The first wet day for a while and it is amazing how the garden has dried out so possibly a little rain will do it some good. It is a while since I have had the care of a larger garden. It is wonderful to have space around us again but the grass does literally seem to grow overnight.
We had an enormous pile of dead branches, grass cuttings and weeds which I tried to burn this week. It took some doing to get it going as it is still quite green but I used some of the magic fire lighting liquid we had been using for the fire inside. It has now, after several days of smoldering, burnt right down. Mervyn is wanting to plant a few more veggies in this area.
Considering that is now into the second month of spring, the trees are slow to start showing signs of life in some places. The fruit trees in this garden are enormous and should have a major pruning. However it is not my garden and I think a tree surgeon would be needed to prune the trees correctly. They are starting to sprout tiny leaves and flowers but given their size and the number of trees, there will be a surfeit of fruit and we certainly cannot manage to use it all. Apple pies and jam sounds like an idea perhaps. There is supposed to be a cranberry tree?
When I went food shopping yesterday I spotted rhubarb for sale, something I have not seen in South Africa for many years 'tho I did grow my own when we had a big garden. The price put me off a little so I will have to keep my eyes open later in the season or perhaps find a couple of plants for the garden. It takes a while to grow to a size suitable to harvest unfortunately. I am trying to grow a few herbs for my own use as I have always had fresh herbs for cooking. I managed to buy some thyme, parsley so far has only been available in packs of 10. What on earth can I do with that much parsley?
Still busy working on bears but the lure of the garden is not helping. Will have to develop some discipline as I need to complete bears for orders.
This is a prototype of a new jacket I designed for a limited edition order. It has turned out well, has darts and pleats and peter pan collar. All my years of dressmaking have not really helped with designing clothing as my traditional style bears are a peculiar shape with no shoulders, large middles, long arms and short legs! The jacket just needs some buttons and will look quite nice I think. I really miss my excellent iron as the one here is not particularly efficient and I am also missing my button box which is in storage!
My blogging has taken a backseat this week and I have not posted for some days with the garden and bear making taking up a lot of my time. It has also been a difficult week as I became embroiled in an unpleasant situation not of my making but the result of spiteful and petty comments. This necessitated in spending some of my precious time writing to a friend who was extremely hurt as a result of this, as well as to compose a letter to the person who started the whole thing. It is sad that in this hectic world there are people who have time to cause so much unhappiness. This was not something I needed as I am feeling a little frayed around the edges at the moment. The Chamberlain's big move when the world is in a financial recession is of course just the usual application of Murphy's law in our lives, but is definitely adding to the stress my two precious daughters are feeling at the moment.
Tomorrow if the weather improves might try another market there seems to be one every weekend in various parts of Brittany, depending on how far I feel like driving!

Always watch where you are going. Otherwise, you may step on a piece of the Forest that was left out by mistake. ~Pooh's Little Instruction Book, inspired by A.A. Milne

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